Drive qualified patients and scale clinic revenue with High Performance Google Ads

We’ve cracked the code on how to acquire a steady stream of new patients to your clinic using paid search, strategically presenting ads to the most qualified user and securing more conversions for your business


of People Have Clicked on a Google Ad


of Mobile Ad Spending Goes to Google


of Smartphone Users Have Contacted a Business Through Search


of Small-to-Midsized Businesses Have a PPC Campaign

Our Paid Search Capabilities

Powered by people and perfected by Ai, our experts leverage powerful AI and machine learning to improve performance while doing what humans do best – Strategy, competitive research, copywriting, and design. That’s how we deliver more patients with lower cost per lead, every time.

Most agencies allocate their resources on pre-click optimization. Not us. We dedicate equal time and resources to optimize the post-click experience as well. We know it’s just as important to a successful PPC campaign. Your entire patient journey is optimized for conversions to inspire meaningful action from prospective patients.

We track the patient’s journey by visualizing the entire patient experience, from initial awareness to post-treatment follow-up. All touchpoints are identified, patients’ needs and preferences are understood, and campaigns are optimised for engagement accordingly.

Videos are exciting. No other communication medium is more viewed by today’s mobile audience. We bring your brand story and value proposition to life by running well optimised video campaigns in Youtube.

Ready to grow your patient base with a bulletproof Google Ads campaign?

We’re the Google Ads experts you’ve been waiting for

We’re the #1 Healthcare Google Ads agency in Singapore because we live and breathe PPC.

Stop wasting time with mediocre results. Find out our plan of attack for your unique fight.

Google Ads For Patient Acquisition

Capture high-intent buyers
and power steady growth
with strategic paid media campaigns

As Singapore’s #1 Healthcare Google Ads Agency, We’ve Helped Hundreds of Specialist Clinics manage over $19M in ad spend and consistently deliver 3X+ ROI through continuous data analysis and spend optimization. Get monthly reporting, performance analysis, and quarterly and annual overall campaign reviews.

Game Changing Healthcare Google Ads

We Leave No Stone Unturned
When It Comes To Your Campaigns

Campaign Setup & Optimisation

  • Google Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Account Restructuring
  • Campaign Management
  • Copywriting and Testing
  • Multi-brand PPC Strategy
  • Competitor Research
  • Custom YouTube Audiences
  • Location Based Bid Adjustments
  • Retargeting Improvements
  • Time Based Split Testing

Keyword Research

  • Keyword Research
  • Single Keyword Ad Groups
  • Keyword Tapering
  • New Keyword Expansions
  • Negative Keyword Additions
  • Remarketing List For Search Ads

Landing Page Optimisation

  • Landing Page Optimizations
  • PHMC Compliant Copywriting
  • Remarketing List For Search Ads
  • Bidding Strategy Variety
  • Copy Testing In Ads
  • New Creative Launches
  • Conversion Quality Improving

Analytics & Reporting

  • Full Data Reporting
  • Offline Conversion Tracking
  • Call Tracking & Recording
  • Tailored Dashboard Reporting
  • Sales & Revenue Tracking
our 90-day guarantee

We Deliver Results Or
You Get $15k In Cash

Dear Practice Owner,

Yes, you read right.

We will run your marketing campaigns for a 3-month period. If we don’t achieve better results than your current agency within 90 days, you’ll get SGD$15K deposited into your nominated bank account. (Yes, this will be in black & white)

Why are we making such an offer?
We believe the digital marketing space has more incompetence than any other space.

So how are we different from these “self-proclaimed experts” and “theory peddlers” that rarely deliver results?

Simple, we’re the only agency that is daring (or crazy) enough to GUARANTEE results or give you SGD$15k in cash.

Have a quick chat with us, and you’ll see the level we’re operating on.

To qualify for this offer, you and your clinic must be:

  • Able to spend at least 5k per month on marketing
  • Moderately successful as a practice (you have a good reputation etc)
  • Willing to give us autonomy and independence (we drive the bus, not you)
  • Committed to improving your internal processes such as call answering, replying enquiries etc

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